Air Lift 1000 Air Spring Kit (Air Lift Traditional)

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Airlift Traditional Air Lift 1000 Air Spring Kit


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Air Lift 1000 Air Spring Kit (Air Lift Traditional)


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Product description from the manufacturer:

Air Lift 1000 Replacement Bag, For PN(61792),

This Air Lift replacement cylinder is an exact replacement for an original Air Lift 1000 air spring. It is made with sturdy urethane construction and the air fitting is molded in to the spring. This cylinder has a diameter of 4.5 inches and a height of 9 inches. Air Lift replacement cylinders are designed to maintain and/or restore the vehicle to the original ride height. The cylinder should be matched to both the inside diameter and inside height of the vehicle spring at normal ride height. It is better to be slightly undersized rather than oversized.

Features and benefits:

Exact replacement for original Air Lift air spring, Sturdy urethane construction, Includes protectors when needed, Air fitting molded in, High-burst strength

Air Lift Company has since 1949 offered high quality air suspension for cars and pickup trucks.

Their model-adapted air kits are available to most SUVs and pickups on the market, while the performance department Air Lift Performance focuses on street cars.

For those who want to build the kits themselves, there are also universal air suspension kits as well as accessories and spare parts in the range.

Notice! Most model-adapted air kits are sold without compressor and control unit, which you can buy according to your wishes, or you build it yourself.

Air Lift’s products are for those who want the absolute best and at great prices.

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