Terms of purchase with us at House of Motorsport

Here’s how you shop

Choose the item you want to buy, fill in quantity, color or size (if available) and click on “Add to cart”. At any time during the order process you can click on “To checkout” to see what is in the shopping cart.

From there you can manage your products, empty your shopping basket, or when you are satisfied – send your order away. To shop with us, you do not have to be a registered customer but can choose to shop in our cash register
by filling in your information at checkout. You can of course register as a user to log in to the store. When you log in you can see your order – make sure it is correct!
Follow the instructions and then send the order away.

We reserve ourselves for any final sales. Please note that we do not give any guarantee that the pictures in the shop show the exact appearance of the product.

NOTE! To place an order, you must be at least 18 years of age.

Completed order means that you agree to our terms of purchase and agree to register name and address in our customer register.


All prices in the store are stated in Swedish kronor and include VAT. Shipping is included. We reserve the right to change the prices in the e-store without prior notice. Gift vouchers and discount codes cannot be combined, but you can only use a discount code or a gift card per purchase.

NOTE! Unfortunately, discount codes only apply within Sweden, not for international customers (Norway, Denmark, Finland, Europe, etc.).

Motorsport Products

Many of our products are not approved by Swedish car testing as they are completely custom made products. Therefore, House of Motorsport disclaims all liability for penalties you may receive in e.g. a flying inspection, use on raceway or when using on public roads!

Should you discover any error in any of the specially made products, you MUST contact us before continuing to use the products, otherwise they will not be able to fix any errors.


  • Freight charges apply according to our agreements with PostNord / TNT / UPS / DSV or DHL
  • We ship all parcels with PostNord / TNT / UPS / DSV or DHL (choice of freight provider may vary depending on destination location and size of parcel)
  • NOTE! If you live in Gotland or Öland, larger packages must be transported by truck and thus the freight can be higher, this is something we can regulate afterwards.

Payment Options

  • Swish. Pay via your mobile with the banks payment service Swish, included with Klarna Checkout.
  • Invoice company / Pay part for companies through Klarna Checkout.
  • Invoice / partial payment through Klarna Checkout
  • Campaign through Klarna Checkout (eg Christmas campaign – buy now, pay in February)
  • Direct payment through Klarna Checkout. Pay directly with your Visa / Mastercard
  • Cash payment in our shop. Pay with cash or card in our store while you pick up the item.
  • Paypal. Pay through your PayPal account, a charge is paid for this payment method.
  • Gift certificate purchased from HouseofMotorsport.com (only one gift card can be used per purchase)
  • Company invoice (after approved credit application, contact [email protected] to purchase via invoice)


If you have selected Klarna invoice and the invoice has been activated (activated at the same time as the order is sent unless otherwise agreed), a fee of SEK 98 + 2% of the purchase price can be charged. These are our administrative costs and there may be additional costs for any return shipping.


The goods are shipped with PostNord / TNT / UPS / DSV or DHL

Mypack and larger Goods Letters are collected at the nearest delivery point. If possible, smaller delivery notes are delivered directly to the customer’s mailbox.

With flexible home delivery, the package is delivered to the same address as you specified in the payment step.
Here, the shipping provider may vary depending on where in the country you live and what you ordered. The most common is PostNord.

You will receive a message via SMS, e-mail or in the PostNord app, when packages are on the way. Then you can choose the day and time for delivery to your home, to your postal agent if you want to pick up the goods there, or to one of our service points. Keep in mind that Posten cannot deliver all times of the day to all postal locations, but you may need to adjust depending on when the post has run-out.
You can also in some cases choose to have your package delivered even if no one is home. If you live in a villa or townhouse, you can choose a place for delivery from a list, such as a carport, patio or back. The package is delivered to the port or site boundary and you are responsible for mounting and carrying. The package (shipment) is checked and acknowledged by you at the door for pallet and piece goods, or at the door of the package. You can also easily change the time of delivery. When it is delivered you will receive a text message or notification via email.

Company packages are delivered with delivery to the company and are not notified, which means that you need to be in place or have an agreement on delivery without acknowledgment. Depending on what is to be delivered, the driver chooses a suitable place unless otherwise stated, such as reception, cargo bay or door. Delivery takes place during the day at 07-18.

Normal delivery time is about 1-5 working days (if the item is in stock) from the order is received and confirmed. If they are not a stock item, the estimated delivery time is within the product, should something unforeseen occur, we will contact you with delivery info. The delivery time is always indicated in working days.

Notify House of Motorsport if you have any special requests regarding the shipping method, for example if you are not present all day and need special notification. You do this in the message box when you are at the checkout and have to pay. An order confirmation will be sent to your email address upon order.

If you use Klarna as a payment method, the consignment will be delivered to your population registration address in accordance with current conditions. For other payment options, it is possible to enter a separate delivery address, contact us in such cases.

Pick-up in store at Dubbgatan 8 (trestad Center) 462 73 Vänersborg is free of charge and takes place by appointment, we will contact you when the item is ready to be picked up. NOTE that we do NOT offer any drop-in at present, due to current situation with Covid-19, ONLY the agreed time applies.

NOTE Important info Covid-19!

Due to the increased distribution of Covid-19, we have changed our collection procedures. When your order is ready, we need to decide together a time (Monday-Friday between 09.30-15.00) for collection so that we can place your order.

– High season

During the spring, there is high pressure on both us and our suppliers, which unfortunately can mean that the delivery times will be slightly longer than stated on the product pages. We regret this and make every effort to deliver your order as soon as possible.

– Free shipping discount code

If you have a discount code that gives you free shipping on your order, it gives us the right to choose the delivery method.

Discount codes with free shipping only apply to customers in Sweden and can also only be used once per purchase,, ie. not on a change or return. It is also not possible in retrospect to add a discount code for, for example, exchange / return if you have missed it earlier, but the discount code applies when you make that particular order the first time.

We reserve ourselves for any final sales.

Transportation Liability

HouseofMotorsport.com is responsible for any damaged or lost goods during transport to the customer as long as the customer stated this at delivery / collection, it must be documented at the shipping agent. The customer shall also be responsible for the packaging and pictures being provided for any complaints at least 30 days after the claim has been started.

The customer is responsible for the goods during any return.

Return / Right of return

If you cancel your purchase, you can return the item to House of Motorsport within 14 days of receiving your package. Notice, during the month of december we extend the open purchase to 30 days!
You have the right to open the package and check the item, but it must not be used to allow you to return it.
Should you return the item later than 14 days, a fee may be charged.

You need to contact us before sending back an item, either via e-mail ([email protected]) or if you call us.

You as a customer are responsible for ensuring that the item returns to its original condition and that a copy of the receipt is included in the return. If the product comes to you in original carton, the item should be sent to the same carton.

NOTE! The customer is always responsible for the return shipping and the shipment must be returned traceable and so it is delivered to us, not so that it ends up at a delivery point. If it ends up at a delivery point, an extra cost of SEK 50 will be charged and the handling of the return will take up to 1 week longer. You can send with PostNord, DHL and Schenker

NOTE! We do NOT apply right of return on order totals below 400 SEK including tax!

We do not offer a right of withdrawal to corporate customers unless otherwise agreed in writing before delivery.


If we have not yet sent the item ordered, you of course always have the right to cancel the purchase without any cost whatsoever. If the cancellation is made after the item has been shipped, we unfortunately have to treat the order as not collected, which means that handling costs are added.


If a product is damaged or does not correspond to how the product has been presented on the website, you have the opportunity to advertise the products.
In case of a complaint you always contact us by phone (0322-64 41 44) or email ([email protected]) as soon as you discover the error. First and foremost, we are investigating whether it is possible to correct the error on the product. If not, the complaint will be replaced with a new item against the old item in return.

If we cannot replace the goods or rectify the error, you will receive the money back. To process a complaint, we return the item for inspection. When we have received the item in return to us and the complaint has been approved, we will send you a new item or refund you what you paid for the item.

Non collected packages

The package is at Posten or DHL delivery point for two weeks.

Should the package not be collected, the goods are returned to us. For all packages that are not redeemed, we reserve the right to charge return shipping costs, the amount depends on the size of packages.

The expedition fee and handling fee are currently SEK 298. This is invoiced via Klarna.

NOTE! For goods that are not ordinary stock goods, e.g. Sports seats, Coilovers and road holding kits, a % cost of the product price can be charged at an extra charge as we only take home these goods on order.

Force majeure

Both parties shall be exempted from the performance of the contract if the performance is prevented or substantially hampered by circumstances which a party could not reasonably have or foresee. The following and similar circumstances shall be deemed to constitute grounds for exemption where they impede or hamper the fulfillment of the contract: fire, war, mobilization, requisition, seizures, currency restrictions, general commodity scarcity, scarcity of means of transport, strike, lockout, electricity interruption, restrictions in the form of power or failure delays in deliveries from subcontractors that have their basis in the circumstances referred to in this paragraph or other circumstances which a party cannot control, which either impede or hinder the fulfillment of the party to such an extent that it can be done only at an abnormally high cost.


You customers mean everything to us at House of Motorsport, because what would we be without you! Of course, we want you to feel safe when you shop in our e-store, of which we offer a 1-year factory guarantee on all products, unless we have specified a for a specific item.

The guarantee means that we replace the defective product with a new similar product, or equivalent if the previous one has expired or is deemed to be substandard. Unfortunately, the labor cost of replacing the product is not reimbursed, neither at the first exchange nor the warranty case, but it is precisely the product intended.

In the case of a complaint, we want to get the whole product back, because the manufacturer would like to investigate the part in turn to better prevent similar errors in the future. If the product is not complete, we will unfortunately not handle the case.

By factory warranty is meant those defects that have arisen from the manufacturer, maybe it was something that went wrong during the manufacturing process, the quality of materials or a dull design defect. This applies to normal use and wear, not if the product is damaged by external influences, mounted or used incorrectly against what it is made for, or simply if there has been an abnormally high amount of wear in relation to how such a product is used.

Therefore, in order for the guarantee to apply, the exchange / work needs to be done correctly by a knowledgeable person in the field (skilled in the way it is called). Do you keep track of the situation and do the job yourself? Absolutely no problem, we just think it’s fun! But remember, done correctly with the right tools for the purpose! 😉

With abnormally high wear, the vehicle category also includes commercial vehicles, such as work vehicles and taxis, etc. These cannot usually use the warranty, but instead we make an assessment for each request, to see if the requirements are met, for example how far the vehicle was driven, how the product was used and so on.

Other: Of course, we apply the Consumer Purchase Act and should a sad dispute still arise, we have as a guideline to follow the General Complaints Board’s (ARN) recommendations.

Do we sound strict? We hope not! If you have any questions, you are of course warmly welcome to hear from you, we are not impossible and our main goal is to have satisfied and repeat customers, it should feel fun and safe to buy from us, time and time again!

House of Motorsport – Your supplier of “those unique” aftermarket parts for the car!

Promotions & Offers

With us at House of Motorsport you make a deal every time you shop in the store, and often you can make extra good bargains when we have campaigns on selected products, free shipping or even the entire range!

These offers are valid under the terms stated in the promotion and cannot be combined with other discounts, gift cards or offers if this is not stated. Contact us if you are unsure. Discount codes that give free shipping apply only within Sweden and can only be used once per purchase, ie. not on a change or return. It is also not possible in retrospect to add a discount code for, for example, exchange / return if you have missed it earlier, but the discount code applies when you make that particular order the first time. We have the right to adjust the price if these free shipping codes are used by customers outside Sweden

Have a look around the shop and on Facebook / Instagram, and if we do not have a campaign right now, it is only a matter of time before one or more really good offers pops up!

Info ABS Wheels 360 Cone:

ABS360 is a patented and registered cone under the ABS Luxury Wheels brand.
Swedish Patent- and registration office 2011-11-24 l www.abswheels.se and www.prv.se