BLACK FRIDAY 2022 IS OVER FOR THIS TIME, thanks to all of you who participated in the sale!

Welcome to  BLACK FRIDAY 2022  at House of Motorsport! During the whole weekend, 25-27 nov, we will offer 10% DISCOUNT + FREE SHIPPING on all regular prices, but also lots of other discounts on Car Gods Car Care (-25%), do88 (-15%), Hurricane Motorsport (-20%), Japs Mufflers (-15%), Maxton Design (-15%), Silver Project (-20%), End Pipes / Tail Pipes (-15%), Swagier Custom Parts (-20%) and XKGlow (-20%).

For 10% discount AND free shipping, type in the promo code  FREEEDAG  at checkout! Notice! Free shipping only available for delivery addresses in Sweden!

You’ll find our offers on Car Gods Car Care, do88, Hurricane Motorsport, Japs Mufflers, Maxton Design, Silver Project, End Pipes / Tail Pipes, Swagier Custom Parts and XKGlow down below, click on each image banner!

..and remember, these offers are only valid during the Black Friday Weekend, from 25 nov to 27 nov 2022 (do88 and Maxton until 28), so hurry up and make a great deal!

Black Friday House of Motorsport

Black Friday Car Gods Bilvård

Black Friday do88

Black Friday Hurricane Motorsport

Black Friday Japsdämpare / Slutdämpare

Black Friday Maxton Design

Black Friday Silver Project

Black Friday Slutrör / Ändrör

Black Friday Swagier Custom Parts

Black Friday XKGlow