VHT Wrinkle Plus Shrink Spray Paint 400ml – Red

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Red Shrink Paint in 400 ML Spray Can (VHT Wrinkle Plus)


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VHT Wrinkle Plus Shrink Paint on 400ml Spray Can – Red

The spray varnish VHT Wrinkle Plus combines strong colors with a deep and rich texture for a stylish and cool custom look! With this shrink paint, you can create your personal style on most metal surfaces. The paint resists bleaching, oils, greases, degreasers and harsh climates / weather conditions. The durable “wrinkle looking surface” that is formed is very resistant to rust, cracking and the like, while it can withstand temperatures up to a full 177°C (350°F) (not constant)!

Perfect for, among other things:

Valve covers (very nice!), instrument panels in metal, glove compartments, starter motors, door panels, gear levers, generators, firewalls, end pipes and much more.

Color: Red.

Volume: 400 ml spray can.

Drying time: Dries within 24 hours.

Curing of Wrinkle Plus:

For VHT Wrinkle Plus to achieve its unique properties, it must be cured correctly by baking in an oven at 93°C (200°F) for about 20 minutes. If the component that is sprayed is an engine part that gets hot while driving, it is also possible to curing the paint in this way, for example end pipes, valve covers, etc.

Sold individually.

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