Honda K20 70mm Thermal PTFE Throttle Body Gasket (T7 Design)

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70mm Thermal PTFE Throttle Body Gasket for Honda K20 (T7 Design)

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T7 Design Thermal PTFE Throttle Body Gasket – Honda K20 70mm.

Can handle temperatures between -200°C to 260°C.

White color.

Fits throttle body with an inner diameter of 70 mm.

Can be reused and thus you save money by not having to change the gasket as often!


Honda engine code: K20 (K20A, K20A2 & K20A3) /70mm throttle body
Honda vehicle code: EP3, DC5, FN2
Car models: Honda Civic, Honda Integra

The kit includes:

1 pc PTFE Throttle body gasket

High quality product from T7 Design.

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