ASS Crossmember BMW ZF and Getrag in Volvo 240

Andersson Steel & Speed Crossmember BMW ZF and Getrag in Volvo 240


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Incl. rubber pads, screws and nuts.

This gearbox beam fits bolt on in 240 to several variants of the usual 5vxl ZF box which is found in many models with several different engine options from the beginning of the -90s and into the -00s.

If it looks like the one in the picture, it should fit.

Also fits the longer 5 speed 530D box (GS5-39DZ) and also the 6 speed manual box fitted to the E39 540 and M5 (S6S 420G). However, we have not tried all the different engine combinations, but the beam can be mounted in several different ways in the car’s frame, so it should fit most.

The beam is slimmed to the floor to create good space for exhaust pipes.

Always check that the driveshaft runs in a straight line against the support bearing after assembly. Otherwise, the hard disk may wear out prematurely.

They are made of 4mm high-strength steel sheet and are zinc-iron chromated and black-passivated. A good quality of electro-galvanizing, which the automotive industry often requires.

ATTENTION! It is very important that the gearbox is welded at the correct angle for it to fit perfectly.

ATTENTION! This is the older version which is MISSING PREPARED ATTACHMENT for safety loop for the drive shaft, see the category for the new updated model and thesafety loop! It is of course possible to make your own attachment / hole if you already have this gearbox beam and want to buy and install the safety ring.

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