AN-06 O-ring Boss Port Plug (Aeromotive Inc)

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Aeromotive Inc AN-06 O-ring Boss Port Plug

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AN-06 O-ring Boss Port Plug (Aeromotive Inc)

Product description from the manufacturer:

AN-06 O-ring Boss Port Plug

Aeromotive Inc, based in the city of Lenexa in the state of Kansas in the USA, develops high-quality fuel system performance products for street cars and race cars.

By, among other things, applying the latest technology and the processes from the aerospace industry, in-house engineering and third-generation track experience, it’s easy to understand why Aeromotive Fuel Systems are the best on the market!

The products are designed to take you to both the racetrack and then let you run racing with the same set up, ie. they work perfectly for both daily driving and racing! Most of the products in the range also differ from the competitors in that they often have an advantage or function that the others lack.

If you want a reliable, durable and high-performance fuel system for your car, then choose Aeromotive as your supplier!

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